About Deck The Halls Yall

Welcome to Deck the Halls, Y'all! A Christmas experience like no other! Deck the Halls, Y'all! is a home-decor store whose sole mission is to help you create a magical Christmas season where memories last a lifetime.

So why was Deck the Halls, Y'all! created by Paul Guess in 2011? Christmas is a wonderful time of year that both brings back and creates memories for the young and old alike. Paul knows that Christmas is as special to you as it is to him. The meaning goes far beyond the gifts. It is deeply rooted in faith, special family gatherings, and being at home enjoying aromas from the kitchen. Paul said he can still smell the fragrant aromas of homemade fudge, divinity, and fresh coconut cake drifting from his Mammaw’s kitchen. What he wouldn’t give for another Christmas with her in the kitchen and allowing him to scrape the bottom of the cooking pan of fudge.

Christmas is a celebration and begins with decorations. Everyone wants their home to be beautiful at Christmas time because it creates a sense of pride, beauty, and more than anything, it creates a home. And a home creates memories. Just ask Paul's mom. His mother, Ann, would scurry through the months of October and November planning her Christmas tree themes. Not only did she extravagantly plan the interior of the home, but also the outside. Paul's family would go every year to cut the tree for the family room. The scent of fresh cedar filled the entire house! Loved those days. But his mom would also have a flocked tree. "Miss" Bibbles and "Miss" Portia would join Paul's mom every year and have a flocking party behind the house. Now, the flocked tree was placed in the formal living room, a place where children were never allowed. Paul's oldest brother would adorn the outside of the house with big, bright, colorful lights.….red, green, blue, and white lights perfectly lining the eaves of his Mom and Dad’s house with billows of fresh cedar in each window seal topped with a red velvet bow made by the local florist. Precious memories that Paul's family share.

So as you create Christmas memories for your family in your home this year, allow us to help make your season magical!